Current: 2016-18 Survey (Age 46/47)

The 2016-18 Survey began in July 2016 and will run until early 2018.

This time around, the survey is a little different, and has a particular focus on health.

Some of you will first be contacted by an interviewer who will ask you to complete an interview, a paper questionnaire and a few activities to understand how you think. If you agree, a nurse will then make a second visit to conduct some health measurements, an online questionnaire about eating and drinking, and physical activity monitoring. Others will just be visited by a nurse who will conduct the interview and ask you to do all of the other activities in one visit.

The booklet available to download at the bottom of this page contains important information about what we would like you to do when we visit.

The survey will take place over 18 months, so depending on where you live you may not hear from us for a while.

We look forward to speaking to you soon!

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