50 stories in 50 weeks – the final word

We’ve now reached the end of our year-long celebration of the 1970 British Cohort Study. Over the past 50 weeks, we’ve traversed five decades of British social and political history, to tell the story of BCS70.

We’re so pleased that many of you joined the celebrations along the way, to read, watch and listen as our participants have shared their lives and their love for BCS70, as researchers have discussed their groundbreaking discoveries using the study data, and as policymakers have explained how the study has helped to improve society.

We’ve also taken many a trip down memory lane, to chat to some of you about your recollections of British life over the past five decades, and to reminisce about our shared cultural history.

Ultimately, your story, and that of BCS70, is the story of British society over the past 50 years, and we can’t wait to follow you as you approach the next chapter in your lives.

Over to you, BCS70 heroes, for the final word in our 50 stories in 50 weeks journey…

“I’ve always felt very proud to be involved in the study, and also fascinated that I am part of this cohort of thousands of people born in this one week in April in 1970 who are all leading completely different lives. There’s also a pride that our commitment is helping national research and public policy in a very meaningful way.”

“I was always interested in the 7up TV programmes and saw how they all grew and developed, and then realised that that was me within this cohort. I enjoy receiving the updates and read your findings, seeing the similarities with my peers. I also have felt a sense of pride as I have got older, how my participation is contributing to research and historical data.”

“It’s nice to be connected to study like this that ultimately will be referenced to hopefully inform the choices of future generations. For a relatively quiet study from a participant perspective you still feel strangely connected to others – even though we’ve not met each other.”

“I’m extremely proud and I feel a sense of purpose and responsibility. Not sure how many from the study you have lost touch with over the years but, I would always do my utmost to ensure all my contact details are bang up to date…I feel it’s my duty to the study and the nation!”

“It makes me feel part of something unique, and I have always hoped that in sharing my life experiences and what has happened to me at each stage then hopefully lessons could be learnt for generations yet to come.”

“I am so proud to be part of this study. To know that the information you have collected on us since birth has impacted on both medical and social changes is amazing.”

“It is a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of such an interesting and important study. Being a member has also proved an interesting talking point, over the years! It feels a bit like we are all part of a special little community. I look forward to receiving my birthday card and updates, each year, from the BCS70 team – thank you. I hope our contributions to the study are not only proving valuable to researchers, but that they will also help to improve the lives of others, in the future. Keep up the great work BCS70 team, and thank you for asking me to be part of your journey.”

“I’m proud to be part of this study and hope the research will help future generations.”

“It just makes you feel special and part of something very important.”