Life in Your Early 50s Survey

The Life in Your Early 50s Survey (previously known as the Age 50 Survey) has now started. It will take us around 12 months to get round to interviewing you all, so it may be some months before you receive your invitation to take part.

We are pleased to be able to visit you in person again. If you would prefer to take part in the interview remotely by video call, please let you interviewer know this preference when they contact you.

Some of our interviewers will only be conducting interviews by video call. If you are asked to take part in this way but would prefer an in-person visit, please just let the interviewer know this when they contact you.

What we will ask

The survey will consist of an interview, a paper self-completion questionnaire, and an online dietary questionnaire. In the interview, we will ask you about some familiar topics, including your relationships with friends and family, your employment and income, and your physical and mental health. We’ll also ask you about how your life continues to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Family circumstances can have a huge impact on our lives, so we also ask some questions about partners, parents, children and other people you may live with.

To see how your experiences and circumstances at this important stage in your lives might differ from previous generations, we’ll be asking you questions that participants in earlier studies have answered during their early 50s.

If there are any questions you are not comfortable answering, you can skip these – just tell the interviewer that you would prefer not to answer.

Getting help with issues raised in the survey

We hope taking part in our survey will be a positive experience. We know lots of people enjoy taking time out to think about and answer questions about their lives. But if it leaves you worrying about anything that’s happening in your life, there are organisations you can talk to. Visit our helplines page for more information.

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