50th anniversary publication

To mark your 50th birthdays, and to say thank you for everything you’ve given to the study for half a century, we’ve sent you each a copy of a special anniversary publication. We hope you take pride in reading about how much BCS70 has already achieved, thanks to you.

If you don’t receive your copy or if you would like the content in a different format, please get in touch.

You can also view and download a PDF version of the publication from this website. If you would like any of the content in a different format, such as large print or black and white, please let us know.

Find out more about BCS70 research

In case you’d like to find out more about any of the research we’ve featured in the anniversary publication, we’ve provided the full reference information here. Where a piece of research is available to read online we’ve included a link to it.

We only had space in the publication to share a snapshot of the breadth of BCS70 research from the last 50 years. Here on our website, you’ll find information about other BCS70 discoveries. There’s also a full bibliography on the Centre for Longitudinal Studies website.