BCS70 woodland

In 2022 we created a small woodland in Bleasdale in the Forest of Bowland as a tribute to BCS70 members and as part of our celebration of 50 years of the study.

You’re welcome to visit the woodland, which is close to a free public car park. Find out more about visiting the BCS70 woodland.

Your 2022 birthday card features a scene from the Forest of Bowland painted by a local artist.

The painting the local landscape page has more information about the painting, artist Daniel Sharples and includes a video of the painting being made on location in Langden Brook and in his studio.

Why we’ve planted a woodland

Every year that you have given to the study has helped society by providing policymakers with evidence to inform their decisions. Your contribution helps others, and will benefit future generations too. In the same way, planting a tree is an investment in the future, as it takes some time to develop and grow before it can provide shelter and shade for generations to come. The BCS70 woodland symbolises your contribution to society and is an expression of our gratitude.

Official opening ceremony

On 28 October 2022, a small number of local BCS70 members joined study director, Professor George Ploubidis for the official opening of the BCS70 woodland.

Study members and their families met each other and members of the BSC70 staff team and chatted over sandwiches and a specially commissioned cake. Despite some early morning rain, the weather was perfect with sunshine and blue sky. George gave a short speech, we planted two new trees to add to those already growing, and we enjoyed the view from the special bench we have placed there.

To see more photos from the opening ceremony and of the woodland, take a look at our photo gallery.

About the woodland

The BCS70 woodland is situated in the Forest of Bowland, near the centre of Britain, and includes a combination of trees that were salvaged from the Beast from the East storm, and new trees that were planted in early 2022. Working with the local landowner, our contribution has helped to restore the woodland with birch, oak, Scots pine, rowan, beech, hawthorn, hornbeam, sycamore, dogwood, holly and hazel. We hope that some of you will get the chance to visit and relax for a few moments on the special bench we have placed there. The bench has a plaque with a dedication to study members.

The Forest of Bowland (external link) is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). It’s a large expanse of fells, valleys, and moorland mostly in north-east Lancashire, with a small part in North Yorkshire. It’s centrally located within the UK and an important habitat for a number of wildlife species.

We are grateful to Champion Bowland (external link) for their assistance with this project.

Pointing the way to the BCS70 woodland

At the base of the woodland is a small stream

More information

Check this space and our Facebook page (external link) for more information about the woodland.