Member stories

In 2022 birthday mailing, we invited you to share your reflections and memories of taking part in the study. A big thank you to everyone who contributed – we really enjoyed reading these. Here are some of your stories below and we look forward to sharing more of these with you in the future:

Being in school

‘I remember doing a test when I was about five years of age with a box, emptying it with one hand and using the other to fill.’

‘I remember going to primary school on a day off (wasn’t in uniform), and being tested on some reading and stuff.’

‘I remember my mum completing some of the tasks with me at home and being taken out of lessons at school to do some. This always made me feel special and important.’

Early memories

‘I recall my mother talking about it and I have a vague memory of being with her when she answered a survey about me, and her telling me it had something to do with the week I was born.’

‘My mum signed me up after my birth. Mum made sure I was involved all through my tiny years and I have carried it on as an adult. I love being a part of this study, just knowing I may have helped people.’

‘We left Britain in 1975. I always remembered my mother telling me when I was little that I had been part of a survey taken of all children born in the same week as me. I often wondered whether it was still going and one day hunted it down on the internet. It’s fascinating to read all that’s come of it.’