Since your parents were first interviewed when you were born, there have been ten further main surveys as well as our online COVID-19 surveys.

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Life in Your Early 50s Survey

The latest survey is now complete! Thank you so much to everyone who took part. This survey was originally due to begin in 2020 but was postponed because of the pandemic. It took place between summer 2021 and January 2024, with some study members taking part by video call for the first time.

COVID-19 Survey

Thank you to everyone who took part in this important research. The information you have all provided is incredibly valuable. Not only is it helping us to understand the immediate implications of the pandemic, but it will also enable us to track the long term effects, as we continue to follow your lives into the future.

Age 46-48 Survey

The Age 46-48 Survey took place between July 2016 and July 2018 and had a particular focus on health. Just over 8,500 of you took part.

Age 42 Survey

The Age 42 Survey took place between May 2012 and April 2013, and almost 10,000 of you took part. It was the first survey to capture what your lives are like in middle age.

Age 38 Survey

The Age 38 Survey took place between October 2008 to May 2009. Just under 9,000 took part.

Age 34 Survey

The Age 34 Survey took place between February 2004 and June 2005. Just under 10,000 of you took part. At this age we also asked those of you who were parents to tell us a bit more about your children’s lives.

Age 30 Survey

The Age 30 Survey took place between 1999 and 2000. The survey sought to continue to follow your journey through adulthood. Just over 11,000 of you took part.

Age 26 Survey

The Age 26 Survey took place in 1996. This was the first adult survey and aimed to find out what you were doing in your mid-20s. Around 9,000 of you took part.

Age 16 Survey

The Age 16 Survey took place in 1986, capturing information on continued social, physical and educational development throughout your teenage years. Almost 12,000 of you took part.

Age 10 Survey

The Age 10 Survey took place between 1980 and 1981, with nearly 15,000 of you taking part. The survey examined mid-childhood health, care, education, social and family circumstances.

Age 5 Survey

The Age 5 Survey took place during 1975. Just over 13,000 of you took part. Your parents provided information on your development, and pre-school education and health care.

Birth Survey

More than 17,000 babies and their parents took part in the very first survey of BCS70 in April 1970. The survey was focused on the health of mothers and their newly born babies.


There have been a number of ‘sub-studies’ that have collected information from a smaller number of study members on special topics, such as child development and adult basic skills.