Age 16 Survey

The Age 16 Survey took place in 1986 and was known as Youthscan. The survey aimed to monitor your continued social, physical and educational development throughout your teenage years. Almost 12,000 of you took part.

What we asked

The Age 16 Survey was the last time that your parents were interviewed. They were asked about your family circumstances, your health, family health, family income, where you lived and your education.

You were asked to complete a large number of questionnaires that covered many aspects of your life including your education, what you did in your spare time, smoking, drinking, your relationships with family and friends, your beliefs and your aspirations for the future. You also completed a large number of tests including a vocabulary test (which was repeated when you were 42) and two diaries – one about your leisure activities and one about your diet.

A medical assessment took place which involved measurements of height, weight, head circumference, blood pressure, pulse, vision, hearing and co-ordination.

Questionnaires were also completed by your class teacher and the head teacher of your school.