Age 21 Sub Study – first steps into adulthood

Collage of pictures, badges and Age 21 Sub Study findingsThe Age 21 Sub Study was conducted with a 10% representative sample of study members from across Britain. It was the first time we had caught up with any of you since the Age 16 Survey, Youthscan.

The 1,647 study members who took part answered questions about qualifications, training and employment, as well as family, relationships and health. We also asked their views on employment and education and about how their life was progressing.

Importantly, the Age 21 Sub Study collected valuable information about levels of literacy and numeracy among young adults in Britain. Participants were asked to rate themselves on a range of skills, including writing, reading and carrying out mathematical calculations. They also completed a series of 17 tasks designed to assess their reading, writing, comprehension and simple mathematical skills. These tasks provided an objective measure of study members’ abilities which could be compared to their own assessment of their skills.

The information from this sub study would be subsequently used to underpin a number of important government adult education, employment and training initiatives in the 2000s.