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Do you add any other information to my data?

Information from administrative records held by Government departments and agencies Government departments and agencies hold information about people, which they use for administrative purposes. From time to time, we add information from these routine administrative records to the study data. We only do this if we have permission from you. Adding this information to the […]

What other information have you added to my data?

Information added from mortality records NHS Digital periodically inform us if study members have died. The files we receive from NHS Digital tell us when study members have died (month and year) and the cause of death. Receiving this information helps us ensure we do not try to contact people who have died. We also […]

How long will my permission last?

The administrative information we add relates to your past, present and future circumstances. We have not put an end date on the permissions that you give as we do not know exactly when we will add this information. Any permission you give for adding administrative information to the information we collect as part of the […]

What if I don’t want you to add other information about me anymore?

You can withdraw your permission to add information from your administrative records at any time, without giving us a reason. If we have already added some of your information, it will continue to be used for research purposes only, however, we will not add any further information from your records. To change your permissions, write […]

Who will use the linked survey and administrative information?

The information will be made available to researchers under restricted access arrangements via the UK Data Service (UKDS) or similar organisation. Researchers based within University College London may be given access to the linked data via the highly secure UCL Data Safe Haven (DSH). Access to the data via the UKDS or the DSH will […]