Five decades of British science and social history charted in new podcast series

A new podcast series celebrating 50 years of BCS70 begins today, Thursday 25 June. Over the next six weeks, ‘50 Years of Life in Britain’ will explore the contribution you and your fellow study members have made to improving British science and society. The six-part series will tell your story, and chart the first five decades of the study.

The podcasts will take listeners on a journey through British social and political history. With participants reminiscing about their involvement in the study, they’ll also tell us what it’s been like to grow up, learn, work, love and reach middle age in modern Britain.

We’ll hear from the academics and staff who have driven the study forward, and the researchers whose findings have influenced public policy and scientific debate. We’ll also speak to the policymakers and politicians whose thinking has been shaped by the study’s most important discoveries.

In addition, the series will look to the present and future. We’ll hear how study members have fared during the COVID-19 lockdown, and discover how BCS70, and cohort studies in general, can help us understand the short and long term impacts of the pandemic.

Professor Alice Sullivan, BCS70 Director, said: “I’d really like to wish the study members a very happy 50th birthday year. We’re so grateful for everything they’ve done for science and for helping to shape our understanding of the society we live in.

“Through this podcast series, we celebrate their invaluable contribution, and the work of the academics and staff who kept the study going through turbulent times, and have helped it flourish in recent years.”

Further information

Episodes will be published every week on the BCS70 website from Thursday 25 June.

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Podcast 1 – ‘The British Births Survey, the 1970s and Tony Blair’ – 25 June
Podcast 2 – ‘Youthscan, the 1980s and reading for pleasure’ – 2 July
Podcast 3 – ‘A new dawn, the 1990s and skills for life’ – 9 July
Podcast 4 – ‘Social mobility, the 2000s and the gender pay gap’ – 16 July
Podcast 5 – ‘Middle age, the 2010s and health and wellbeing’ – 23 July
Podcast 6 – ‘2020, COVID-19 and the future’ – 30 July