2010s: the middle years – an animated tour

As our look back at BCS70 through the 2010s draws to a close, let us whisk you away on a tour of the decade just gone by. It was a chaotic, busy time, from the heady days of the Olympics to the first whispers of coronavirus, and everything in between – Brexit, austerity, climate change… 

As you made your way through your 40s, and many of you raised children and progressed through your careers. We checked in with you twice, asking you, among other things, about your views and mental health, and carrying out a range of health checks.  

We’ve made important discoveries from the information you provided throughout this decade, including on reading, obesity and mental health in midlife. We’re excited to follow the next chapter in your lives.  

But before we move on to 2020 and the future, take a moment to reminisce about the recent past – and enjoy the show!