COVID-19 Survey – the bigger picture

Collage of pictures, badges and stats about the COVID-19 SurveyWe have come to the end of our journey through the first 50 years of BCS70, and now look to the very recent past. Back in May 2020, we surveyed you, and participants in four other national longitudinal cohort studies (aged 19-74), about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your lives. We asked you to complete two more surveys, in SeptemberOctober and FebruaryMarch, to track your experiences of the crisis over time. Around 30,000 people across all five studies took part in at least one of our three surveys. 

This was the first time that we asked you to complete the same survey at the same time as participants in four other studies (born in 1946, 1958, 1989-90 and 2000-02). The information you have shared is helping researchers understand how different people of different ages have been affected and will help society respond to the immediate and longer term consequences of the pandemic. 

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