Age 46-48 Survey – Focus on health

Collage of pictures, badges, and stats about the Age 46-48 Survey

The Age 46-48 Survey had a major focus on health. Most of you agreed to let a nurse carry out a range of measurements and assessments about your health, for the first time since childhood. We measured your blood pressure, grip strength and balance. You were also asked to provide a blood sample so we could analyse, among other things, levels of cholesterol and glycated haemoglobin which is associated with the risk of developing diabetes.

We asked you to wear a monitor for seven days which recorded your physical activity – including time spent sitting, standing, moving and sleeping. You also completed an online questionnaire about your diet on two random days in a week. The data collected in this survey is now being used for vital research into how lifestyles and experiences affect health in midlife.

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