Age 30 Survey – Comparing your experiences

Over 11,000 of you took part in the Age 30 Survey, the first BCS70 survey of the new millennium. It involved a 60-minute interview which for the first time was conducted using a computer. We asked you about your family life, where you lived, what kind of work you did, any qualifications you had obtained, any training you had done, your use of computers, your health, smoking, drinking, exercise, involvement with community groups, voting, attitudes and values.

Researchers often use information from BCS70 and other cohort studies together, to see how your lives compare to people born and after you, and to find out what’s different and why. When we surveyed you at age 30, we also interviewed members of another birth cohort, the 1958 National Child Development Study who were 42 at the time. We asked many of the same questions in both surveys, making it possible for researchers to closely compare the experiences of your generation with those of the baby boomers.

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Comparison of statistics about family life (baby boomers and gen X)