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What other information have you added to my data?

Information added from mortality records NHS Digital periodically inform us if study members have died. The files we receive from NHS Digital tell us when study members have died (month and year) and the cause of death. Receiving this information helps us ensure we do not try to contact people who have died. We also […]

How long will my permission last?

The administrative information we add relates to your past, present and future circumstances. We have not put an end date on the permissions that you give as we do not know exactly when we will add this information. Any permission you give for adding administrative information to the information we collect as part of the […]

What is “adding other information”?

Government departments and agencies hold information about people which they use for routine administrative purposes.  With your permission we would like to add information from these records to the information you have given us as part of the study. Adding this information to the survey data helps to build up an even fuller picture of […]

What information about me do you want to add?

The information we would like to add is kept in your health and economic records. National Health Service (NHS) records The NHS maintains information on all patients accessing health services through routine medical and other health-related records. These records are held within statistical health databases which record information about: – admissions or attendances at hospital […]

Why is adding this information important?

Health records We collect information about your health in the interview, but this information is fairly limited in scope. The information recorded in your medical records is objective and based on confirmed diagnoses by medical professionals. However, medical records may not be entirely complete as they will not include details about problems, which have not […]

Can you give me some assurances?

– The information cannot and will not be used to identify the health / financial circumstances of any named individual. – The information collected from your records will be held securely with no direct personal identifiers (e.g. name, address) – like all other data collected by BCS70. – No directly identifiable personal information (e.g. names […]

How do you add this information?

We provide your personal details (name, address, sex, date of birth, NHS or National Insurance Number (NI) – if held) to the NHS or NHS agencies, DWP and HMRC (or to a trusted third party employed by the government department or agency). No other information collected in the survey or held by CLS is passed […]

How do you keep my information safe?

To keep your information safe, it is encrypted and sent via secure transfer systems. All information collected by BCS70, including information from administrative records, is treated in the strictest confidence in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).