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Why did you want to take a blood sample?

The collection of blood samples will help us to carry out important health research. For example, researchers could use information from the survey and blood sample to understand things like how diet may influence cholesterol, or how different lifestyles can affect the chances of heart disease.

Why did you want to take my DNA?

If you gave your permission, we will have stored DNA from your blood to use in future research. Previous research shows that an increasing number of illnesses have a genetic element, including cancer, diabetes, asthma and certain heart conditions. Looking at the genes from a large number of people, combined with all of the other […]

Will I get any results from my DNA sample?

If you consented to us extracting DNA from your blood sample, we will not be able to provide you with the results of genetic testing.  The tests that will be done on your DNA are for research purposes, and are not the same as clinical genetic tests. The results cannot be used for individual diagnosis. […]

Could the DNA be used for cloning humans?

BCS70 will not use your DNA for cloning humans. The use of human tissue and DNA is strictly controlled. The organisations that fund this research, the UCL Social Research Institute and the Access Committee, do not allow human cloning.

What if I have changed my mind?

You can withdraw your consent for the use of your samples at any time, without giving any reasons, by writing to us at  1970 British Cohort Study, Centre for Longitudinal Studies, UCL Social Research Institute, 20 Bedford Way London, WC1H 0AL. We will then inform the laboratory and the stocks of your samples will be […]