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What sort of information will you send me?

We send birthday cards to study members every year and with this we will updates about BCS70 to make sure you know what is coming up, what we’ve learned, and how the study has made a difference. We will send additional information from time to time. You can download some of the materials we’ve sent […]

How do I find out the results from BCS70?

We will write to you regularly with news from the study, telling you what we’ve found out about your generation. It can take a while to put together all of the information you give us, so it is usually a few years after each survey before we can send you the findings. The information from […]

Why is it important to keep my contact details up to date?

You’re such a valuable part of the study and we really value your input. We want to make sure that we have the right contact details so that we can keep you up to date with the study and contact you to invite you to take part in each survey. Updating your contact details is […]

What do I do with the change of details form you’ve sent me?

You simply fill out the form that we sent you with any new information such as address changes, new phone and email addresses, or changes to a contact person’s details, and return it to us. If you prefer you can update us with your new details by Freephone (0800 0355 761), or by email ( […]