Episode 4: Social mobility, the 2000s and the gender pay gap

In this fourth episode, we move into the new millennium, when the study enjoyed a golden decade. With BCS70 greatly valued by scientists and policymakers, the study was funded to meet participants on three occasions and was regularly cited by New Labour in government policy. With this new-found recognition, researchers across the globe started using BCS70 in conjunction with other birth cohort studies to see how members of Generation X were faring compared to other generations. We also speak to study members about their careers and lives in their thirties.

We explore the 2000s with:

  • Professor Heather Joshi, former director of CLS and founder of the Millennium Cohort Study, who discusses her research on the gender pay gap and working mothers.
  • Dr Jo Blanden, reader in economics at University of Surrey, who talks about her work on social mobility and how BCS70 continues to inform debate on this subject.
  • Lord David Willetts, former Universities Minister and President of the Resolution Foundation, who explains the importance of BCS70 for informing government policy and thinking.
  • Study members, who share their memories of life in the 2000s, and taking part in the study.

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