Episode 5: Midlife, the 2010s and health and wellbeing

In this episode, we move into the 2010s to find out how our study members were faring in their forties. We learn how BCS70 cast light on increasing rates of mental ill-health among men, and find out more about the most recent biomedical survey where participants were given a health MOT. We also chat to one of our in-house study detectives about the role they play tracing long lost study participants.


Guests include:

  • Professor George Ploubidis, Research Director and Chief Statistician at the Centre for Longitudinal Studies, discussing his work looking at the rising levels of depression among Generation X in middle age.
  • Professor Mark Hamer, Professor of Sport and Exercise Medicine at UCL, providing insights on the Age 46 Survey – including why study members were asked to stand on one leg.
  • Mary Ukah, BCS70 Cohort Maintenance Officer, on how she manages to trace study members we have lost touch with.
  • Study members, who share their memories of life in the 2010s, and taking part in the study.

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