Age 38 Survey – Lifelong learning

Collage about lifelong learning with badges, a picture and 3 stats

Just under 9,000 of you took part in the Age 38 Survey. It was a short 25-minute telephone survey which asked you about key events in your lives and changes in circumstances since you were last interviewed.

Part of the survey focused on lifelong learning, and what qualifications you’d achieved since 2004 (or if you hadn’t taken part in the Age 34 Survey, since 2000). Out of those 2,359 people who reported getting a new qualification at the Age 38 Survey, 140 study members obtained a degree (BA, BSc), and 78 received a higher degree (PhD, MSc). An even greater number of study members completed National Vocational Qualifications (591), City & Guilds Qualifications (172) and other types of vocational qualifications (1,012). In addition, 53 got GCSEs, 10 received A/S Levels and 25 achieved A Levels.

The information that BCS70 members provided in the Age 21 sub-study had helped to kickstart Skills for Life, an adult education initiative, in 2001. This strategy went on to ensure that between 2001 and 2011, over 8 million British adults achieved qualifications – no doubt including some study members.

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